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Church life is full and active. There are many ways to feel connected in the family. Take a look below at some ways you can get involved.


National leader for Youth with a Mission in Denmark


Núbia and Ulrik Corneliussen 

Núbia and Ulrik are leaders of UMO in Denmark and are leaders of the DTS (Disciple Training School) based in Sjellebro.

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Living Faith
Gomel, Belarus


Oksana and Dmitriy Podlobko

Oksana & Dmitriy are leaders of the congregation "Living Faith" located in Gomel in White Russia. 

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Gospel Outreach



Lisbeth and Per Hyldgaard 

Lisbeth and Per travel around the world as missionaries. Furthermore, they have helped to plant new churches in many countries.

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The Word and Israel
Jerusalem, Israel


Signe and Simon Kammersgaard Back

Yad va lev is a social and diaconal aid work in Israel, where young people and seniors do practical tasks for people in Jerusalem.

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Missionary, Youth with a Mission/Youth with a Mission


Tove Kirkebye Poulsen

Tove works with a wide range of projects and initiatives throughout Europe based on Youth with a Task. 

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Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand 


GMFT provides a safe, caring home for needy children and young adults from Northeast and Northern Thailand.

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Rochester Christian Church Ministries, Pakistan


Pastor Tahir Saleem

Our youth work, Skywalk, has for many years supported two church plantings every two years. 

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Renu and Daniel

Renu and Daniel and their team reach out to children from Nepal's slums and to the disabled. 

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