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Service at 10.30 am


hver søndag kl 10.30

The church is a community of people who are on a journey of discovery in life.

We are a free church with a modern and contemporary expression that wants to be a church for the city and everyone who is in it. We are passionate about seeing people get to know Jesus and live in a close relationship with him.

Divine service

Every Sunday at At 10.30 we hold services where everyone is welcome. Regardless of whether you are a churchgoer or just curious about rhythmic and contemporary church.


Next step

We have collected various information and registration options in the menu item Next steps. Here there is ample opportunity to get involved and seek information

Contact us

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact one of the priests in the church, or write to

No upcoming events at the moment

Dit første besøg?

Vi sætter en ære i at byde alle hjerteligt velkommen i kirken søndag kl 10.30. Vi samles flere hundrede mennesker til gudstjenester, så god i god tid. Vi glæder os til at se dig!

Here you will find us

Due to construction, the church is divided between two addresses in Randers. We hold a church service every Sunday at 10.30  at Niels Brocks gade 1, 8900 Randers. Several of the church's activities are held at Mariagervej 117. Orient yourself in our calendar so you don't go in vain.

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