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Help for unaccompanied refugee children and -

youth in Greece

Faros is a Christian non-profit organization that works to protect and help unaccompanied refugee children and youth in Greece to have a better future. The organization was started by the Danes Dan and Patricia Kirk Biswas in 2014 and today has around 40 full-time employees and is a recognized organization in Athens. Faros works primarily from three branches of work: a drop-in centre, a shelter and an education centre. Faros works from a socio-pedagogical and holistic approach that tries to take care of the whole person. Faros' Christian view of life and humanity is particularly decisive in the organisation's work and therefore Faros also has a close connection to the local evangelical church. To read more about Faros' work, visit their website:

Jacob and Malene's tasks  in Faros

Malene and Jakob's primary task is to take part in the psychosocial work, of which their tasks will be specifically to work with the boys' personal and human development. The dream is that Faros will not only be a place to stay for the boys, but a place where they develop as people and dress for the future that awaits them. This work cuts across Faros' departments, but Malene and Jakob's primary focus is the shelter. In addition to this primary task, they will also have some additional tasks. Jakob will be responsible for the drop-in centre's football work, while Malene is responsible for teaching mathematics and helps with the administration.


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189351, or you can transfer a gift to: Reg. No. 9233 account 4579883486 In both cases you must mark it
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