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Frikirken Randers historie

Offer for a personal interview

In Frikirken Randers, we offer interviews or interview courses that are open to everyone. We want to ensure that no one is alone in their life situation.

The conversations can be used for sparring on your current onelife situation, difficulties that have met you in life, questions about faith or awhat you want to share withed someone who is not personally involved. We listen and reflect on your life situation together with you. We are also happy to say a personal prayer for you if you wisht.

The conversations are:
  • Open to everyone regardless of personal position and conviction

  • They are free and subject to confidentiality

  • A single conversation or a course of up to 5 conversations

Facts about us:
  • The interviews take place in Frikirken Randers

  • We always have two employees for all conversations, so we can help everyone as best as possible

  • The employees are volunteers with different educational backgrounds

  • Everyone receives continuous training and supervision by pastor Rune von weydenberg Kærlet, who is a trained psychotherapist

We look forward to meeting you. Many greetings to the volunteers in "Personal Conversation"

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