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If you want to give a penny, it can be done in several different ways

Support the church financially

The church is run exclusively by the people who are part of the community. We cover all expenses ourselves with the help ofcontribution from the individual fundsmmer and friends of the church. Everything from rent to salary andjuice is paid for by ourselves. It is of course completely voluntary if you want to contribute to the church's operation and activities, but we could not exist if we did not take care of everything.

If you want to contribute a penny, it can be done in several different ways; On Sundays we collect while we have church service. Here you can give a gift in cash - either in cash or via MobilePay. In addition, you can give a fixed amount, either via a regular (monthly) transfer or via a so-called declaration of commitment. Fixed donations are tax deductible.

Call or write to the office at, if you want to know more. Then we can easily help you get started.

Thank you in advance for your gift!

Bank details
Spar Nord Bank
Reg. No. 9233 account 4579883486

18 93 51

Donation of inheritance

It is possible to donate any inheritance in whole or in part to the church.

To make it simple and accessible to everyone, we have entered into a collaboration with the company Dokument 24. The collaboration means that you can create your will for free when you choose to donate an inheritance to the church in your will.

How to create a will
At Dokument 24 it is easy and simple to create your will. The creation is done by you answering questions on the company's website. Once the questions have been answered, you will immediately receive a tailored will per e-mail. The will must then be printed out and signed. You will receive additional information about signing the document together with the document.

If you have questions about the creation of the will, or need advice, you can contact Dokument 24 free of charge. All advice is free.

Visit Document 24 here: Document 24


Area manager:

John Holst


You are welcome to John Holst, who is responsible for finances in the church, if you have questions about any of the above and or need help to get started properly with giving to the church

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