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In the playroom we want

to create space for play,

development and relationships

The playroom - fun for the little ones

Welcome to Frikirken's playroom for children aged 1-5 years and their adults; whether it is parents, grandparents, nanny or private daycare. Smaller children are also welcome, but come and see if there is anything for the little ones; it is busy with many big children.

In the playroom, we want to create space for play, development and relationships! Free play gives the imagination a boost, and there are plenty of toys - both for quiet play and for tumbling. And while the dear little ones are occupied with good games, there is room for good conversations between the adults. Sofa areas close to the children and free coffee/tea, then it's home! We want more than just meeting, playing and going home again – we want relationships! It makes home life a little cooler when both parents and children have good relationships!

In addition to the free play, we have a program that offers, among other things, creative, trips and music and play. Here the children are challenged and stimulated to develop, and the adults get inspiration for further play at home.

Tuesdays at 9-12

there is basically a playroom with free play.

Thursdays KL. 9-12

is there a playroom with a program; music and play, creative, reading aloud or other.


we go on a trip to, for example, Randers Nature Center or Danmarksparken (Randers Rain Forest). Once in a while there is also an evening event for the parents.


The playroom serves fruit and crackers for breakfast, for lunch we eat packed lunches. We are helped to get ready for breakfast and clean up. The parents are divided into two teams, so the task is easy.

We are holding on

Mariagervej 117, 8920 Randers. Free parking at the building.


of the playroom is under the association Frikirkens Børne- og Ungdomsarbejde. When registering for the playroom, your child will be registered below. The price is DKK 100 per child for the relevant calendar year. Payment is made after registration.

Click on registration below to register you and your child

Just come by

Just come by and visit the playroom before you sign up. Write to us on Facebook or if you want to be sure not to go in vain because of a holiday or excursion.


Area manager:

Charlotte Frederiksen

Register for the association

You are welcome to come 3 times to see if the playroom is something for you. If you want to get stuck in the rented room, you must be a member of our association. This costs DKK 125 annually.


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